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The Dear Mattie Show is an advice podcast with a little bit of humor, a lot of heart, and a helping hand. Each week host Matt Marr, clinical therapist and comic, answers emails sent by listeners who need advice on love, sex, or any life lesson. To help Matt in his quest to make your life easier, he usually enlists a guest host-often a neighbor, a colleague, or the cute guy he keeps seeing at the dog park. To learn more or ask for advice, go to
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Jul 26, 2016

Meg Le Vu (I love saying her name!), is the host of GET IN THE LAB, a youtube series that she loves doing to help people across the world get their message out on web video. Put simply, Meg is a do-gooder, kinda like me so I think we bonded about that. This was a fun quick show I taped in a hallway at a podcast convention--I've done WORSE in hallways, sugars!

Find all things Meg at:

Also, on Wed. June 27th my good friend Dawn McCoy is launching her OWN PODCAST, called Dine and Dish with Dawn.  Subscribe and take a listen at

Jul 20, 2016

Kali Williams is an entrepreneurial speaker, educator, and famous former Dominatrix. She picked up a dragon tail whip 15 years ago, and has been helping women claim their confidence ever since. A gifted storyteller, she has spoken more than 150 times at places like Harvard, Stanford and SXSW Interactive.

After bringing innovation to sex education, Kali’s working to give a kick to women’s empowerment and diversity especially in the tech and startup communities.


Jul 12, 2016

You know when you meet someone and you just click? That's myself and Emily Berry. We might at an acting class and as SOON as I heard that laugh and her sing a bit of a showtune--I knew we would be besties.  We also answer your questions: A woman needs her alcoholic sister to snap out of it, and what are good questions to ask on a first date.

Find all things Emily here:

FB Fan Page:
Jun 7, 2016

You know how you have that ONE friend who will never make fun of you for geeking out so hard? That is Jessie Evans. She's an actor (a real good one, in fact) and we met on a Target commercial years ago. Yes the commercial where I sang with Justin Timberlake. We both love him, like omg, so much.

That said Jessie and I also get THANKFULLY sidetracked by your questions, and with our mutual love of musical theater, and Harry Potter. So I thought this episode would be PERFECT this week with the Tony's coming up on Sunday.

Also, Jessie is a hardcore foodie. So much show that she has created a web series of trying to find the right balance, as she says, of " caviar taste, and budget of a struggling actor, I try to do/eat it all." 

Jessie is pretty much a bottle of effervescent joy.  Just joy.

Find all things Jessie at

or Jessie Eats Series at 
Insta: @jessie_eats
Twitter: @jessieeevans

May 24, 2016

Another Marr on the Dear Mattie Show!  Yes, although I feel like Peter Marr got all the talent in the family.  He. Is. So. Funny.  Peter does stand up all over the country and he does some of the best impressions I have ever seen in my whole life for real.  This is such a fun episode with some great heart to it.  I love my cuz!!!

For all things Peter go to

Apr 23, 2016

JP Karliak is soft spoken, intelligent, and just plain ol' classy. I know, the OPPOSITE OF me!  Yes we are friends in real life, but it was also fascinating to get to know him as a artist. Especially listening to his Voice Over work, it's SHOCKING how incredible he is at transforming his voice into a cavalcade of characters. 

Believe me, you've heard his voice, either in video games, cartoons, animated films, or on the radio. Basically he's been in your house.  (Wait, that sounded creepy). 

Find all things JP at

Apr 7, 2016

As many of you have seen on social media, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). That's why I felt it was important to take a departure from the typical Dear Mattie Show and discuss the epidemic of rape in our country-and our world for that matter. Susan's survival of her own rape is compelling and her desire to help others is inspiring. I hope you enjoy this episode and that hopefully you hear some tips we discuss to keep yourself safe.  NOTE: This episode is for adults only and if you are a victim of sexual assault, you could be triggered by some of the descriptions in this episode.

You can find all things Susan on her Facebook page

And her blog, where she writes about her experience at:

Mar 31, 2016

I know. Isn't that the cuttest family ever? That's Jackie and her beautiful family. I met Jackie--through the podcast. No really. She was a listener who found my show but we've been in contact and now I feel like we've been friends since middle school. She's a young mom who admits she does NOT having all together, and by sharing her story of navigating through motherhood and being a wife, she has developed a loyal following of people who love her. This show just made my heart happy because at the end of the day we all just want to connect with other people and know that we have been "seen" by someone. And I think Jackie and I do that for another. Also, Jackie started an awesome non-profit that garners diapers to families who just can't afford them.

I know. She's rad.

Check out and follow all things Jackie:


Diaper Non-Profit:

Twitter/Insta: @jmw3883

On Facebook: muddlingmomma and jackiemweisman

Mar 24, 2016

jollyfatelflogo.jpgMisty is just a bada**.  That's pretty much it. Don't get me wrong-she's very sweet and kind too. She's inspiring to me though because she has been bullied all her life for her weight and yet she's used that pain and turned it into strength, and is now a force of love. A force of love that loves crafting. Misty and I grew up in the same small Oklahoma town, so it's wonderful to reconnect and see one another thriving. We talk a good amount about fat shaming, get your finances in order and paying off debt, and your questions about how to navigate political differences on Facebook and a writing professor who is irked by a friend who is taking advantage of her.

Find all things Misty on her website and Youtube:

And her TWO Youtube channels: At Home with Misty and The Jolly Fat Elf

Mar 3, 2016

claire.jpgClaire Tanner is a film nerd, so already we clicked. She reminds me of an artistic investigative reporter. She loves hearing how film makers actually get their projects off the ground. So I already love her for her curiosity but I also loved how open and honest Claire is about her self, what's she's learned and what she's still working on.  You know how you meet a stranger and then you have a great heart to heart and realize you're connected to a person in some way? Well, that's exactly how I felt after talking to Claire. She's a true authentic gem and I can't wait to have her on the show again. 

I know it's been a few weeks because I was on break for my Cabargay show, but I'm telling ya--this episode makes it worth the wait.  Pinky swear, sugars.

Find all things Claire at  

And subscribe to the Filmback podcast!!!!  

Feb 4, 2016

karamo-body-01.jpgYes...I know. This picture has NOTHING to do with Karamo Brown the intellectual, funny, charming host that you see on your TV. It pretty much just shows that he's really friggin' hot. I mean...And God Made Man, sugars! But really, I do love having Karamo on the show because it's like having Oprah/Dr. Phil/Cookie Lion (Empire) all on the same show. He does NOT hold back on his answers, but it's all said with love. I will have this handsome soul back for sure. 

Find all things Karamo at: 

Or follow in on Insta or Twitter @karamobrown


Jan 27, 2016

PaulGilmartin.jpgAs you know, I've been obsessed with being a TV host since I was a kid.  And even in my youth, I've always thought Paul Gilmartin was a great host.  His first hosting claim to fame was TBS's Dinner and a Movie.  He was always so funny, likable, and self deprecating. In 2011, Paul launched The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast.  This hilarious show takes on the gravity of mental illness, but with a lightness and camaraderie that makes it so relatable and good.  It's a show that I am crying from being moved or from laughing at a joke Paul makes. It's in my top 3 fav podcats y'all.  When I met Paul at LA Podfest in 2015, I totally fanned him and his response was, "I'd love to do your show".  I DIDN'T EVEN ASK...HE JUST OFFERED!!!  This guy. So Sweet. Dream come true. Thanks so much Paul.   Topics include: I'm stuck in my grief and I don't know how to get out of it, help? I caught my teenage son smoking pot, and my wife is freaking out...should I be as well? I'm pretty sure my husband is cheating on me, should I confront him?

Find all things Paul Gilmartin here: or on Twitter @mentalpod

Jan 21, 2016

JoePardo.jpgYou know how you walk into a room, with a bunch of people you don't know and you feel scared, intimidated and just wanna leave? Well, Joe Pardo is that fella that meets you with a smile and hug and before you actually can walk back out that door. He makes sure you know--you belong.  He's just....the....NICEST.  It was joy to have him on the show. Joe is a motivational speaker, podcaster, author, DJ, and Disney fan. If you are looking to try something new this year or fulfill a dream, THIS IS THE SHOW FOR YOU!

Find all things Joe at: 

or on Twitter @ superjoepardo or

Jan 14, 2016

erin_b_lillis_soundbooth.jpgI meet Erin Lillis years ago because of two things: our shared love of karaoke and our love of Disneyland. Well, Erin more than just loves it, she CONSUMES it. She knows everything there is to know about Disneyland. And well, that's just Erin Lillis. When this gal is interested in something, she devours that knowledge like a demeantor takes your soul...except I think she's way less scary.

Erin was one of the first people to encourage me to do a podcast and I could not be prouder to say that her own podcast, SubverCity Transmit, is a feat in itself. She has created this incredible show that feels like a cosmic, Syfy/queer story hour. It's incredibly good, amazingly artistic, and totally addictive. It's legitimately the best podcast you're not listening to right now, so SUBSCRIBE to it.  And yours truly, MIGHT make an appearance or two.  Erin is just a joy.  Joy. Joy. Joy.

Oh yeah, and we answer your questions like: How many times in a week should a couple have sex? And where do you think people go after they die?  Oh and why does Erin have a gigantic Game of Thrones sword in her bedroom?   All shall be explained...(cue Twilight Zone music).

Find all things Erin here:






Dec 31, 2015

TRAVELBOOBS.jpgI love it when a gal creates smart, funny, and empowering things that women can relate to. I know, I'm NOT a woman, but boy, we gay men love it.  That's exactly what writer and producer Jamie Slater has done with Travel Boobs, a fantastic new web-series that will launch in the spring. For realz y'all-it's funny. Jamie casts my lovely friend Megan Heyn (Dear Mattie Ep. 33) and the savagely sweet Louise Bond. Yes, I know. She's British and her last name is Bond. Amazing. These three are superb as three bumbling friends on a road trip that's doomed to fail.

Also in this episode I had a PRODUCER!  YEEEESSSS A PRODUCER! Patrick Heyn, is the awesome artist who put together my website, podcast art, and basically anything you see my face on. And because he's married to Megan, he came with and I might have sound effects in this episode. And he brought all his fancy equipment and did things with levels. Cuz you, know...I don't really DO levels. He's kinda incredible and I think this episode sounds great. Let me know what you think. This was truly a dream show for me and believe me, I feel the gratitude as we move into 2016.  Happy New Year everyone.

Find all things Travel Boobs at: or @travelboobs on Twitter

Or follow the ladies on Insta andamp; Twitter here:

Jamie Slater @thejaimeslater

Louise Bond @louisevbond 

Megan Heyn @megheyn

Dec 21, 2015

jakeandI.jpgI know this picture is years old but it's the only picture I have of myself and Jake Anthony, aka Poodle, at the holidays. YES! IT'S A HOLIDAY SHOW! And we're dishing out some holiday etiquette advice--what do you expect from two Southern Queens?!  And other topics include: What is the best way to deal with bullies at work? How do I tell my over-bearing mother-in-law to back off?

This episode is truly Poodle and I at are most finest, holiday sisterly-squabbling selves. (And I'm sure he would have opinions about that sentence and the grammatical errors!) But after we get done fighting we do get to your questions, and Poodle answers some special Christmas Chatty Mattie questions! This show is the one for your holiday travels. Safe travels! Enjoy.

Dec 4, 2015

jackie.jpgDoing stand-up, I've meet people who are just naturally funny people and then I know others who aren't the funniest people, but write a damn good joke. Jackie is both of these things. Her warmth, humor, and incredible self deprecating style are the reason why I wanted to have her on the show. I just laughed my face off in this episode. And I kinda just want to have coffee with her at least once a week just to remember there are awesome people in the world.

PLEASE listen to her podcast, the Dork Forest. Every week she has different people discussing what they dork out about.  It's informative, funny, and nerdy as hell--I LOVE IT. Go to

Also Jackie has a new stand-up special, "This Will Make An Excellent Horcrux", avail now.  I truly love this gal.

Find all things Jackie on her website:

Nov 25, 2015

LilyZepedaFlushRevo.jpgYou know how you have that friend who decides to make a documentary about the worlds need for more toilets?  Oh wait, you don't.  Well I do...and that friend is Lily Zepeda. In this episode we chat about her desire to make this film, visiting the United Nations, and meeting Mr. Toilet.  And of course we answer your questions! And be prepared, there's a LOT of poop puns!  (I'm 13).

For more info about the documentary or to support the film's kickstarter go to:

Nov 12, 2015

rickcoons.jpgI met Rick Coons (now Rick Grant-Coons) during my Masters program. We hit it off like glitter on a fairy wand. He's a good ol' Southern boy with a sweet heart, and the smarts to back it up. Questions include: 1. I'm in a gay relationship and now my boyfriend wants to get gay married and I don't. 2. I want to follow my dreams but can't make the leap-how do I do it? 3. How do I end a friend ship without being an asshole?  

Find everything Rick at

Nov 4, 2015

KellySue.jpgGood Lord Kelly can rock some red lipstick. She can also write a rad comic called Hex11 about a magical witch dealing with magic in a tech age. Kelly is truly a feminist for the modern age and we get along so well. Also she opens up about her own divorce how it really taught her about "true" love. Oh, yeah...we go there sugars. Listen. Tell your Friends...write a review! 

Find all things Kelly here: and view the Hex 11 Kickstarter here.

And lastly, read her awesome Hello Giggles article about divorce here.

Oct 14, 2015

Sharon Pierre-Louis.jpgSometimes in your life, you just come across good people. And I mean really good people. Sharon is one of those "types" of people. She's a fantastic actor because she deeply feels for others, cares about their welfare and she is just damn funny. We discussed her career and her volunteering in Haiti after the country's devastating earthquake. And she's gives better advice to your questions than me!! Gurl gets deep, y'all. Ohhh, here comes some truth talking!

Find Sharon on Instagram and Twitter: @ShaPieLou

And watch her on ABC Family's Switched at Birth:

Oct 8, 2015

IMG_1959.JPGI mean look at this picture. Tymon Manning loves puppies and kittens, has biceps for days, AND he volunteered for the Peace Corps and loved it SO much HE WENT TO WORK FOR THEM. We are all terrible people. I loved this episode and the glimpse it gave me into the something I've honestly been too scared to do. Question include: My mother is set in her ways and needs a new hairstyle, how do I tell her? How do I get my boyfriend to manscape? What's a reach around? After 10 years my marriage is a shell and empty, what do I do?

You can follow Ty on Instagram @tymonm

Sep 30, 2015

JoshNasar.jpgJosh Nasar is just plain unpredictable. Seriously, at some points of the show I just let him take over. I mean, I pretty much don't have much to say about this episode, except that he's dang dang dang funny and I loved watching him go. I love it when a man can be aggressive but still have a sweet heart. Yes I have a crush.

Find all things Josh (he's big on Youtube and Twitter) at or any social media at @joshnasar

Sep 23, 2015

drdani.pngI just think Dr. Dani is about the best therapist out there. I'm not kidding. She's heartfelt, knows when to throw in a dirty joke, and is smart as hell.  She makes me feel like my smarter sister is taking care of me and got my back when she's around. On this episode, she goes into detail about her experience working with clients who struggle with acute Hoarding. I mean she's SEEN people lives in chaos, literally. Y'all are gonna love this episode.  Listener questions include: I'm a filmmaker in LA and I think my friends are over me doing kickstarters, are they right? How do I help my mom get through her divorce? My girlfriend is a hunter and I abore it, should I tell her?

You can find all things Dr. Dani, or even reach out to her for help at her website.

Sep 16, 2015

Ty Mayberry PIc.jpgRobert Redford, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt...and Ty Mayberry. I'm not kidding. That's the kind of beautiful man Ty is. I mean those eyes. AND I also lump him in that category of actors because he is that talented. That's honestly why I had him on the show. Yes he's hot, BUT this episode maybe one of my favorites because to be a great actor, I think you have to be a great feeler, great empathizer, and someone who thinks about people a lot. Hence, Ty was so great an answering your questions. We laughed a lot, but this is one of the first episodes that Ty got me a lil' teary...ME! Also, I talk about the viral commercial I was in for Tide Detergent and how that came about this week. Topics include: My 4th grader is not doing well in school and says his teacher is the problem! I want to cook something for my husband, to eat of my body...your advice? And what question, would you want someone to ask you on your show?

Ty will be performing at the Falcon Theater in Scot and Hem and he will be playing Ernest Hemingway. Get tickets here.  And you can follow all things Ty at

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